Besides punched metal plate fasteners we offer large assortment of other steel fasteners for manufacturers of timber structures. All products are made from galvanized steel sheets, however we are able to supply some of the products in stainless steel upon request.

Steel sheets S 280 GD + Z 275 (CSN EN 10326) – up to thickness of 3,0 mm
Steel sheets S 235 JR (CSN EN 10025) – for thickness greater than 3,0 mm
Stainless steel WNr. 1.4301 (CSN EN 10088)

Punched metal plate fasteners

Nail plates used for connections of timber truss members.

Connecting plates

Steel plates with openings for convex nails of various types and sizes.


Large selection of angles for timber structures.

Hinge connectors

Fasteners used for splices of timber members.


Large selection of hangers for connecting perpendicular members (ceiling beams, joists, etc).

Bracing straps

Steel straps and ties used for truss structures bracing.

Anchors for truss structures

Fasteners especially designed to anchor timber trusses providing fixed or mobile bearing of trusses on load-bearing substructure.


Fasteners for connecting timber elements to substructure.


Connectors for timber structures – steel bolts and convex nails.

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