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It is possible to make a roof above any ground plan from trusses with punched metal plate fasteners, so it satisfies architectional demands. The technology is not limited by roof slope, it is suitable for flat roofs and regular double-pitch roofs. Spanner roofs are also very popular, mostly because of extra living space in room in attic. Individual light trusses do not require heavy mechanization and significantly make the installation (erection) easier.


Roof of convention centre in Hoštěnín

Supplier: Krovy 2000 s.r.o.
Main load bearing elements of the roof of the convention centre are two truss rafters creating open space in attic. Such static solution results in quite large horizontal forces in supports. These forces are transferred by steel straps anchored to ceiling beams.

Inside the structure
Detail of support
Inside the structure

Roof structure of a family residence in Zlín

Supplier: Střechy 92 s.r.o. Zlín
Roof structure of the L-shape residence consists of room-in-attic (spanner) trusses. Such roof solution offers quite large attic that may be used for living.

Family residence in Zlín - General view of the structure
Family residence in Zlín - Room-in-attic (spanner) trusses
Family residence in Zlín - Structure just before installation of roofing

Roof of a family house in Sokoleč

Supplier: Dřevěné konstrukce Sedlčany
Room-in-attic (spanner) trusses form the roof of this house with L-shape ground plan. Such solution allows the family to use the attic for storage or living.

Family house in Sokoleč - The building in construction
Family house in Sokoleč - General view of the roof
Family house in Sokoleč - Detail of the roof with spanners

Rebuilding of roof of the Regional Court in Prešov

Supplier: R.J.R. s.r.o. Snina
Building of the Regional Court is situated in historical centre of Prešov. Bova-nail technology very well satisfied all requests for creating new offices in the attic while keeping the original shape of the roof.

Regional Court in Prešov - Installation of the room-in-attic (spanner) trusses
Regional Court in Prešov - Installation of the room-in-attic (spanner) trusses
Regional Court in Prešov - Installation of the room-in-attic (spanner) trusses
Regional Court in Prešov - Room in attic
Regional Court in Prešov - Structure just before installation of roofing
Regional Court in Prešov - Finished roof structure

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