Other structures

Structures with punched metal plate fasteners are also used in other branches of building industry than roofs. Nail plates often connect wall panels or ceiling girders in timber or wood based buildings. Timber truss structures are often included in formwork of special shape concrete structures.


Family houses in Soběšice

Supplier: Krovy 2000 s.r.o.
Group of twelve family houses in Soběšice. In the load bearing structures masonry walls are combined with walls formed by panels connected by punched metal plate fasteners. All truss wall panels are 160 mm thick. Thermal insulation is inserted between vertical members of the panels.

Structure from wall panels
Wall panels in ground floor
Construction of upper storey
Structure after sheathing of wall panels
Almost finished structure

Superstructure of an administrative building in Brno

Supplier: Krovy 2000 s.r.o.
The size of the building is 12x30 m. The superstructure is formed by roof and bearing walls. Both have been produced using Bova-nail technology. The walls consist of timber panels with thickness of 160 mm and height of 3,5 m.

Structure formed by wall panels
Wall panels in ground floor
Construction of upper storey

Superstructure of a family house in Sabinov

Supplier: R.J.R. s.r.o. Snina
Mansard superstructure of the family house was completely built using Bova-nail technology. Punched metal plate fasteners connect members of the roof trusses and also elements of structural and load bearing walls.

Sabinov - Room in attic
Sabinov - Load bearing wall
Sabinov - General view of the superstructure

Overpass near border crossing Sudoměřice – Skalica

Supplier: Krovy 2000 s.r.o.
Bova-nail technology was used for the formwork of this reinforced concrete overpass mainly because of specific shape of the bridge. The complete formwork included more than 1200 individual parts.

Sudoměřice - Skalica - General view
Sudoměřice - Skalica - Formwork of one span
Sudoměřice - Skalica - Cross section
Sudoměřice - Skalica - Middle part of the formwork
Sudoměřice - Skalica - View through the structure
Sudoměřice - Skalica - Detail of trusses

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