Truss 2D

Basic engineering software for analysis of timber roof structures with punched metal plate fasteners.

Desktop of program Truss 2D Generator of truss shapes and general load states Editing of truss support detail

Shapes and loads generator

  • wide-spread truss shapes and web patterns including arches, frames, spanners etc.
  • semi-automatic generating of basic loads such as roofing, ceiling, wind and snow load
  • automatic generating of load states combinations

Analysis features

  • internal forces analysis based on Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • linear and non-linear structural analysis (buckling)
  • performance of linear stability analysis to check in plane and out of plane buckling of individual members and to verify stability of the whole structure
  • various types of loads such as force, deformation, temperature and self-weight load
  • special properties of supports – rotation and shift of supports, spring supports
  • analysis members from different materials (steel ties, glued laminated timber)

Drawing of utilization of cut-pieces Editing of nail plate Generating of output documentation

Structure modelling

  • simple automatic entering and editing of symmetric elements and details
  • overhangs at supports and peaks of structures
  • design of stiffeners and wedges in high stress areas
  • automatic generating of splices on long outer members
  • automatic design of long lateral braces to prevent web members buckling
  • possibility to divide trusses to satisfy transportation needs
  • non-structural members and nail plates anywhere in structure
  • generating and editing of arches, camber trusses

Design, analysis and check

  • supported standards: EN 1995-1-1, ČSN 73 1701, STN 73 1701
  • editable timber and nail plates assortment
  • various designing modes (automatic, semi-automatic, user)
  • use of structure symmetry in all phases
  • nail plates check with size and location optimalization to save money
  • deflection analysis and check


  • various templates of output documents such as quotation (bid), structural analysis, manufacturing documentation etc.
  • printing of output documents to *.pdf
  • projects export to CAD software (DXF, CADWORK...)
  • export to angle saws made by STROMAB

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