Truss Explorer

Application developed for easy records and control of individual structures and projects. It is free so it allows all business partners to view and print output documents without purchasing a licence.

Desktop of program Truss Explorer with thumbnails of trusses Calculation of project price Generating of output documents

Project management

  • assorting of projects according to date
  • simple truss order in current project including verification of truss checks
  • generating cost calculations and quotation prices for entire project or individual trusses
  • cost calculations available only for users of Truss 2D

Display options

  • various display modes of trusses included in current project
  • structures divided into groups considering if they are satisfied, unsatisfied and not-checked
  • displayed general truss properties
  • summary of geometry and check for each truss

Generating outputs

  • multiple outputs for entire project or selected trusses
  • summary project information
  • all outputs and exports from Truss 2D available
  • possibility of default settings of exports for multi angle saws

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