Advantages of the technology

Variety of structures

Bova-nail technology allows you to create virtually any roof structure from various types of trusses to spanner structures, frames and even to arches.

Saving of material

Punched metal plate fasteners do not affect size of timber cross-sections. You save up to 30% of wood compared to structures with typical connectors such as nails or bolts.


Trusses are fabricated in a factory building using Bova-Nail machinery. Such truss production is fast and precise.

Fast and easy construction

Erection of trusses goes smooth and fast with low needs of skilled labour and without heavy mechanization.

Efficient designing software

Analysis of timber trusses is performed by powerful designing software which also generates drawings, economic calculations etc.

Wide range of spans

Timber structures with punched metal plate fasteners can be used for structures with both large and small spans. These structures are widely spread anywhere from homes to supermarkets or industrial and agricultural buildings.

Ecological structures

Trusses with punched metal plate fasteners are made of wood which belongs among renewable resources. Bova-nail structures are friendly to the enviroment.

Static advantage of punched metal plate fasteners

Punched metal plate fasteners have the least slip from all steel connectors, therefore the structures show the least deflection.

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