Description of the technology

Technology of manufacturing wood structures with punched metal plate connectors was developed at the end of the 19th century in USA. Big boom of the technology came later in the second half of the 20th century along with new computation and analysis possibilities.

Detail of nail plate joint Punched metal plate fastener is a modern connector for assembly of timber structure joints. There are two fasteners in one joint situated opposite to each other on each side of the joint connecting members of the same thickness. Connections with punched metal plate fasteners are very rigid, the most rigid from all mechanically connected joints.

Structure formed by timber trusses before installation of roofing Roof structures manufactured using this technology consist of individual planar trusses spaced approximately 1 m on centre. Considering the planar behaviour and small thickness of trusses, appropriate bracing is essential for these structures. It provides stability of individual trusses and the whole structure.

Design of the structures is performed by special analysis programs. They are capable of optimizing utilization of timber strength and nail plate resistance during structure design. Therefore the technology saves about 30% of wood and 25% of the overall cost compare to traditional nailed structures.

Pressing of truss joint Trusses are manufactured in an industrial building using our machinery equipment. Therefore structures are highly prefabricated and precise. Timber cut-pieces of these structures are prepared using a computer controlled angle sawing machine according to data generated by the program. Punched metal plate fasteners are embedded to pre-assembled joints by a special hydraulic press. The machine provides sufficient embedment of the fasteners into timber members.

Erection of timber trusses Trusses are usually transported to a construction site as one piece however if needed they can be divided in few smaller parts. The technology minimizes time of construction due to simple erection and installation.

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